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We Use Some of the Most Innovative & Advanced Methods to Maximize Your Tax Benefit Opportunities

Ross Brannon

We help our clients Defer, Reduce or even Eliminate Capital Gains and/or Income Taxes when selling investments, real estate or businesses.

  • Are you in the process of of selling your business or real estate?
  • Are you concerned about the size of your bill and how much money will go to the government?

If you’re looking for access to large diversified portfolios of income-producing commercial real estate and commercial real estate loans while enjoying significant tax benefits, then we have the structure for you!

Consider the following benefits and product innovations:

  • Reduction & Elimination of Fess to preserve more capital for investment.
  • Full transparency providing quarterly net assault values (NAV’s)
  • Sponsor-Provided Financial Support to help drive overall performance with investor interests.
Ross Brannon


Learn more about our
tax-advantaged strategies

1031 Exchanges & Delaware Statutory Trusts

Property Swaps for Capital Gain Deferrals

Opportunity Zone Investments & other Private Placements

Massive Tax Benefits for Private Investment Capital

1031 Exchanges

A tax-advantaged vehicle used to sell existing real estate holdings.

1031 Exchange is a tax planning strategy involving an investment property swap, which allows investors to sell an existing property and defer the payment of capital gains taxes and other transaction-related costs. The name for the 1031 Exchange comes from the IRS Code Section 1031.

Delaware Statutory Trusts (DSTs) provide a turn-key solution for completing that exchange for individuals who may not have the time, energy or real estate expertise to find and/or manage a replacement property.


Ross Brannon

Opportunity Zone Investment Programs

A New INVestment approach yielding major tax incentives

In 2017, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) created a new section of the tax code that provides tax incentives for investments in targeted areas of the United States (known as Opportunity Zones) through investment vehicles called Opportunity Funds.

Opportunity Zone investments were created to provide long-term private investments in low-income rural and urban communities by providing massive tax benefits to investors, intended to bring about economic growth and cultural retainment in geographic areas that have been affected by years of economic neglect and distress.

By investing into an Opportunity Fund, investors can defer and reduce their existing capital gains tax liability from a sale of a prior investment (stocks, bonds, real estate, business, art, etc.) while also eliminating future capital gains tax on returns earned from the Opportunity Fund.


Other Private Placements


Private placements allow accredited investors to participate in unique real estate investments not offered to most investors.
Each deal offers a different risk-return profile and varies in nature between Core, Value-add and Opportunistic commercial real estate investment strategies. In addition, some strategies may include significant tax benefits.

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